Looking good and feeling good has been a big part of gaining confidence as a Black woman. Unfortunately, looking expensive has a reputation of needing the income to match. As the cost of living increases, more women have found ways to get a lavish look or lifestyle without it costing an arm and a leg. Ahead, EnVi has compiled different ways Black women can elevate their lives and appearance while saving money.

DIY Lash Extensions 

While strip lashes are a tried and true part of a makeup look, lash extensions have made a mark in the beauty industry. Strip lashes have a wide variety of fun lash looks, but extensions give a more natural look along with taking a time-consuming step out of your routine. They also help create a makeup look without the makeup. Unfortunately, lash extension prices are not as appealing. Luckily, more and more tutorials and kits have come out, providing the tools to pull off the same look without the price. Kits like these, when done right, can last up to a week. Not only do you look good, but doing it yourself feels good too!

DIY Eyelash Extension Kit

Monochromatic Clothing for Less

When dressing as your inner “it” girl, a monochromatic look is a classic option. Monochromatic dresses, blouses, and bottoms can be paired together to make a beautiful ensemble. This look is perfect for adding accessories that cater to your expression. Buying these clothes through cheaper sites such as Amazon or searching through Ross and Marshalls is a more inexpensive option with a look just as nice as higher-priced counterparts. When shopping, stick to clothing that accentuates your shape and is not covered in bold designs. Wearing monochromatic clothing can give an elegant look while keeping money in your pocket. 

Press-On Nails

Going to the nail salon can be a satisfying leisure activity, and at one point, was an affordable one. As demand grows higher and designs get bolder, the price for getting your nails done has risen. For a while, press-ons had a bad reputation for not looking as neat and popping off faster. However, Gen Z has proven to be innovative with DIY beauty options. With tips from creators like Justine on TikTok, press-on nails can last up to two weeks to a month. Also, amazing artists on apps such as Etsy have made press-on nails just as gorgeous as the ones done at the salon. Press-ons not only save money and make you feel more put together, but it also saves a lot of time. Add doing your nails to your at-home maintenance day!

Neutral Home Decor

How your day goes begins with what you see when you wake up, and a beautifully decorated home starts a productive day. While other tips on this list are tailored to your appearance, decor that matches is just as important in feeling like your best self. Neutral home decor can create an expensive look and it doesn’t have to cost the same. Adding elegant and neutral-colored vases and candles creates a sleek look and luxurious ambiance.  Another decor choice is artwork that matches neutral tones. Cost-effective sites like Amazon and Etsy have simple artwork that can be under $10 but look much more. Framed pictures with encouraging words or pretty art are what you are looking for on these sites. All of this decor adds a beautiful look that shows your taste without cluttering your space. When you see these pieces, they’ll give you even more confidence for your day or make you feel comfortable when you rest.

Handbags Under $100 

Getting handbags from T.J. Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, and Burlington have become more popular the last few years. Most handbags at these retail stores are budget-friendly and the choices are endless for whatever look you’re going for. When creating an expensive look, you can look for handbags like those mentioned in Nia Lewis’s TikTok, as they are more simple and timeless. You want to search for bags with minimal to no flashy designs in a neutral color. While Lewis may go against bags from brands like Juicy Couture, which usually has its logo printed clearly, these can still be nice for more casual looks that still feel high-end. Handbags are an expression of your taste, so when shopping at these stores, make sure to pick bags that ultimately catch your eye the most. There is no better way to feel good than enjoying the pieces you wear. 

All of these tips can help enhance a Black woman’s beauty and build confidence and strength. A normal income and cost of living should not stop women from becoming the luxurious person they want to be. Use these tips when shopping or decorating and feel the difference in your life!

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