Last year, Palestinian-American rapper and producer Odetari hit the hyperpop and Dance scene with meteoric success. Entries like “NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER” and “GOOD LOYAL THOTS” became the soundtrack to the lives of many Gen Z and Gen Alpha netizens. Meshing sonic and kingdom hearts memes with his knack for punchy, distorted “video-game” music, Odetari has been launched to the forefront of the EDM and Dance space. And it’s clear that he is dedicated to furthering that success in 2024. 

On February 28, Odetari brought his “Door To Dusk” tour to Racket NYC. This follows his 2023 record of the same name, which featured performances from artists like Don Toliver, Homixide Gang, jnhygs, Kanii, and 9lives (to name a few). The nearly hour-and-a-half concert saw a stacked bill of artists like Atlanta-based rapper Nimstarr, Kanii, Riovaz, and 10zenn

Hearts Racing With Nimstarr 

Even before his entrance to the stage, it was hard for hearts not to race with excitement for the first performer of the night — Nimstarr. Hot off the release of his 2024 EP The Heart Racers, fans were excited to hear the latest music live. The rappers’ music meshes dance music and pop, with passionate delivery to offer bouncy soundscapes. Aside from the playful nature of his production, Nimstarr is able to switch lanes from the smoother and more sensual vocal performances like his 2023 entry “Skin” to angst records like “Please Stop Screaming.” 

As Nimstarr went on stage, he was filled with energy. His ability to command audiences left concert-goers feeling like they were at a nightclub. When he wasn’t jumping up and down in between singing and rapping, he was taking time to engage with fans by taking selfies on their phones. It was clear that he adores his fans, like when he brought them up on stage to dance to PSY’s 2013 hit “Gangnam Style.” And though he was not the headliner for the night, Nimstarr’s performance was certainly headliner worthy. 

KaniI, Riovaz, and 10Zenn Make Special Appearances 

Kanii and Riovaz made special appearances during both Nimstarr and Odetarii’s sets. The two musicians collaborated with Nimstarr on their 2024 hit “Heart Racing.” They brought a playful energy to the stage, dancing amongst one another and interacting with fans at the front of the stage. Their inclusion made the already immersive show feel like a superconcert, as they are both making waves within the hyperpop and dance space. A welcome inclusion to this electric set was Odetari’s budding talent 10Zenn, who was able to hold his own during an already stacked performance.

Hypnotic Performances 

Despite the punchy and braggadocious nature of his music, under it all, Odetari is a relatable yet caring musician. Coasting through his set with little quips and pauses to check on the wellness of fans, the one word that best described the night was energy. As he entered the stage, fans erupted into cheers with a mix of hysteria and joy. Racket NYC was quite the intimate venue too, meaning that regardless of where you stood, Odetari and his oversized orange sweater with a beanie — his signature style — was visible. 

He started off the night with tracks like his 2023 hit “I LOVE YOU HOE,” He continued with records like “HYPNOTIC DATA,” “YOU’RE TOO SLOW,” and “GMFU.” It was quite the stacked setlist. Phones were in the air as fans screamed the lyrics, with not a single word missed. It was hard not to want to replay each song so that the show could last a bit longer. The infectious production and harmonies with the backing vocals added newfound treasure to the night. And as the song concluded Odetari said, “We about to get this sh*t turned up are y’all ready?” The night was a party. Even on a Wednesday, he was able to give fans escape into his musical world. 

Part of what makes production on Odetari’s songs so fun is the rawness of it. Because of the inclusion of crushing samples, impactful drums and distorted sounds, hearing the records live created an unforgettable experience.   

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