If you tuned into the 88RISING FUTURES showcase at Coachella last weekend, there is no way you could have missed Chinese superstar XIN LIU. Aside from being adorned in gold from head to toe, she owned the stage with her dynamic vocal range, passionate dancing, and captivating presence. Showing love for her roots, XIN LIU’s set also featured Chinese street dance and dancers who wore traditional clothing from her hometown of Guiyang, China.

One of the highlights of XIN LIU’s set included the live debut of her first all-English single, “Reality.” On April 18, the singer officially released the track via music and multimedia company 88rising for fans across the globe.

The Good, The Bad, and The Reality

XIN LIU is not one for a flair for the dramatic, or in this case, the C-I-N-E-M-A-T-I-C, when it comes to love. “Reality” is as straightforward and drama-free as love can get — and it is an absolute delight both in theory and to the ears. She directly tells her lover, “Hit me with reality / That’s the real fantasy,” yearning for the good, the bad, and everything in-between. XIN LIU summarized the meaning of the song in a press release by explaining, “Keep it real, with all the imperfections, yet still perfectly enough.” 

Channeling a romantic nature with its dreamlike sound effects, the electro-pop song is lighthearted and bouncy enough to get anyone dancing. In the music video, the artist playfully navigates her way through a vintage store in Los Angeles. XIN LIU can be seen dancing alongside mannequins and trying on a thrifter’s dream haul. Featuring clever choreography by award-winning dancer Jillian Meyers, XIN LIU proves herself to be an intriguing performer with her expressive motions and facial expressions in the “Reality” music video. 

Stay Tuned…

After rising to fame in 2020 after ranking first place in the Chinese reality show Youth With You 2, XIN LIU has become one of the biggest artists to emerge from China. Well-known for her performance talents, XIN LIU has garnered over 26 million followers on social media. With her effortless androgynous style, she has even become a brand ambassador for Dior China while also gracing the covers of publications such as Vogue China, Harper’s Bazaar, and GQ

XIN LIU is now signed to the pioneering global music and media company 88rising, which focuses on uplifting Asian talent across the world. And just as her newly-signed record label said, it seems like this is only the beginning for XIN LIU.

Make sure to follow XIN LIU on Instagram and X to stay up-to-date with her future projects. “Reality” is available worldwide now!

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