TikToks from Black creators or “#BlackTikTok” has become one of the most popular tags on the addictive social media app. Black creators express their creativity in multiple ways while viewers can enjoy the uniqueness each creator brings to the hashtag. These Black TikTok creators perfectly represent the entertainment adored by the TikTok community — enticing them to get hooked on the app and scroll for hours! 

Tray Reads 


What books have you DNF’ed im curious to know🤔🗣️ #booktok #blackbooktok #DNF

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Tray creates videos with his funny antics, facial expressions, and interpretations of trending sounds. On comedy TikTok, he has garnered 1.4 million followers for his entertaining personality. But recently, he has ventured into a new space on the app. Tray Reads is his new page specifically for #BookTok, and he is bringing a balance of his comedic cues to the platform of Black readers. In just a month of his time on Black BookTok, he has gained over 52,000 followers. While he may be new, the beauty in Tray’s work is his ability to spread book love to people who are new to reading and BookTok. He brought fans of his who had previously never been on this tag by still providing what they love in his work. The formula of using catchy sounds and funny reactions to the books he’s reading makes watching him just as fun while learning about the joy of reading.

Aliyah’s Interlude


DNT GET IT CONFUSED !!😭💗💞😛✌🏿 #fyp #aliyahcore

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Fashion TikTok is less about comedy and more about information and expression. Aliyah shows her audience that fashion TikTok can be just as entertaining as any other side of TikTok. She has come a long way since she began her time on the app, now creating music — even walking runway shows! But it’s the content she made that gave her the opportunities she has now. She shows her audience that she will always create looks based only on her style and preferences. With so many people enjoying and taking inspiration from her content, Aliyah continues to encourage her audience that dressing to express their own personalities and styles is important in fashion. She also refuses to let people who disagree with her fashion choices drag her down. Her content mixes funny quotes and thoughts that are relatable to her audience, giving viewers the personality we see in her fashion.

Emmanuel Duverneau 

Another huge part of TikTok is #FoodTok, an informative yet exciting side of the app. Not only are you learning recipes to try in your kitchen, but you’re also discovering dishes you may have never heard of before. Emmanuel Duverneau is a creator who brings the fun of making food and entertainment together. His content shows him making mouth-watering meals while dancing between cuts. This type of content draws viewers in for multiple reasons. It’s not just the amazing food he makes; it’s the happiness he radiates while highlighting Black artists in his dance cuts. He was featured in a Creator Spotlight highlighting the trail blazers of BlackTikTok. He mentions the most important part of his content is to give a platform for Black creators to show their talent. His food is inspired by Black culture with a twist on it, so viewers can get the same inspiration to make their own twist on dishes.


TikTok has always been mostly known for its laughs and lighthearted content. #ComedyTok is easily one of the largest spaces on the app, with creators from all types of humor, bringing a little light to their followers. Dimpey is a great introduction to the comedy side of Black TikTok. While trending sounds are enjoyable, Dimpey uses Black culture to bring personality to situations, creatures, or even inanimate objects. His content’s beauty stems from proof that Black comedians are both talented and creative with their comedic vision. Dimpey’s followers never expect the same content, with him bringing new material in each post. This TikTok, exploring what parking lot birds may be thinking proves he breaks the mold of ComedyTok. As Emmanuel mentioned in his Creator Spotlight, Dimpey is an example of Black creators making their own trends. 

The creators mentioned above prove the #BlackTikTok platform is an expression of Black talent and entertainment. Carving our own tag on the app has given Black TikTok creators opportunities to express themselves and redefine entertainment for the new generation of viewers who will continue to grow with new Black representation uploaded daily.

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