On April 12, video game developer Riot Games released its newest collaborative single featuring Japanese girl group XG. Titled “UNDEFEATED,” the track promotes the ongoing VALORANT Champions Tour Pacific (VCT Pacific) 2024 by telling the classic tale of struggles overcome. 

XG Rank Up Another Season

“UNDEFEATED” is a bass-heavy track that embodies XG’s hip-hop-inspired experimental sound. The global girl group takes a strong stance on the track, detailing the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies life’s challenges. An anti-drop chorus opens and closes the song, book-ending minimalistic verses that highlights XG’s unique vocal colors. Lyrical references to XG’s own music — specifically “Caught ’em with that left right” and “That’s what I call a finesse” — draw a playful connection between the group and Valorant’s new endeavour. 

The accompanying “UNDEFEATED” music video adopts a combination of 3D-rendered art and 2D flat animation style. VALORANT players may note numerous references to both the group’s discography and in-game content. Notable agent in-game abilities are demonstrated, including Sova’s Bolt and Owl Drone, Skye’s Guiding Light, and Raze’s boom bot and paint shells. Alongside the illustrated skill sets, team members subtly pay homage to the game’s agents Jett, Yoru, Raze, and Killjoy with their physical features and fashion choices. In-game maps (e.g. Ascent, Bind, and Split), items (e.g. Tactifriends, Spike, and Arsenals), and logos (e.g. Sentinel trademark, Clove’s butterflies) make cameos as well. 

VALORANT Champions Tour Pacific

“UNDEFEATED” was released during the VALORANT Champions Tour Pacific tournament, one of four international leagues participating in the global VALORANT Champions Tour events. VCT Pacific occurs in two stages: Stage 1, which is currently underway, will continue until May 12, followed by Stage 2 from June 15 to July 21. As the tournament is held in South Korea, it’s fitting that Riot Games tapped Seoul-based XG for a promotional collaboration. 

Over the past few years, the intersection of gaming and pop culture has expanded significantly. Not only have the world’s leading fashion companies sought collaborations with popular gaming franchises, but video game companies have capitalized on the Asia Pacific (APAC) region’s rising star power to promote new seasons, tournaments, and gameplay features. VALORANT developer Riot Games has notably worked with K-pop and C-pop idols for years to connect with its franchises’ APAC audiences. XG’s new promotional single for VCT Pacific is the latest song to join this collection, marking the start of an exciting new championship for VALORANT players.

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